2023   6th Industrial Organization Winter Symposium, University of Bergamo, Passo del Tonale, December 12-15 (scheduled).

Navigating the Nexus of Economics and AI, University of St Andrews, UK.

European Leadership Academy, Panel: The Entrepreneur's Roadmap, Building a Business from the Ground Up, Valencia.

Seeds of Fortune, Yale University.

2022  100 Women in Finance: Using Game Theory to negotiate salaries, New York.

Women in Economics, Yale University.

2021  University of Athens

University of Crete

American Economic Association (ASSA/AEA), Panel Session: Teaching Innovative Courses in Economics, organized by the American Economic Association Committee on Economic Education (CEE), Chicago.

2020  University of California, Merced.

2018  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Drexel University

2017  Queen's University, Smith School of Business, Canada.

2015  National University of Singapore

2014  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

2012  Yale University, Reading group.

Texas A&M University, Theory and Experimental Economics Workshop.

2011  Yale University, Microeconomic Theory Lunch.

2010  Athens University of Economics & Business

2009  Athens University of Economics & Business

2008  University of Ioannina

Athens University of Economics & Business



2024  International Conference on Public Economic Theory (PET), Santiago, Chile, January 11-13 (scheduled).

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET), Santiago, Chile, January 8-11 (scheduled).

2023  SAET, Paris (Speaker & Session organizer).

Western Economic Association International Conference (WEAI), Melbourne.

2021   World Congress of the Game Theory Society (GAMES), Online.

2019   SAET, Ischia, Italy.

2018    XXVII European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory (EWGET), Paris.

Midwest Economic Theory, Philadelphia.

International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC), Indianapolis.

2017   Conference on Research on Economic Theory & Econometrics (CRETE), Milos.

European Meeting of Game Theory Society, Paris.

SAET, Portugal.

Searle Conference on Innovation Economics, Northwestern University.

Econometric Society, Summer meeting, St. Louis.

IIOC, Boston.

2016   World Congress of the Game Theory Society, Maastricht.

CRETE, Tinos.

CESifo Delphi Conference on Innovation, Munich.

Searle Conference on Innovation Economics, Northwestern University (Discussant).

IIOC, Philadelphia.

2014   International Industrial Organization Conference, Chicago.

2013   SAET conference, Paris.

Stony Brook Game Theory Festival, International Conference on Game Theory.

Midwest Economic Theory meeting, Washington University, St. Louis.

GAMES, Istanbul.

2011   CRETE, Milos.

ECORE Summer School: Market Failure & Market Design, Louvain-la-Neuve.

Midwest Economic Theory meeting, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

IIOC, Boston.

Game Theory Society, "Tournaments & Performance Evaluation", Raleigh.

2010   XXV Jornadas de Economia Industrial, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

European Assoc. for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), Istanbul.

CRETE, Tinos.

2009   Association of Southern European Economic Theorists (ASEET), Istanbul.

European Assoc. for Research in Industrial Economics, Ljubljana.

Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: the economics of contracts, Hebrew University, Director: E. Maskin, Professors: B. Holmstrom, P. Aghion, J. Tirole, M. Dewatripont, O. Hart.

2008   Jornadas de Economia Industrial, University of Reus, Spain.

CRETE, Naxos.

PhD Conference in Economics, University of Athens.